Tenets in development

  • We believe that besides their professional knowledge and experience the personality of managers is one of the key factors in effective leadership.
  • We believe that in addition to professional competence a special focus on the human side is an indispensable factor in achieving outstanding business performance.
  • We believe in the development of learning organizations and the positive effects of the development of organizational cultures on the efficiency and performance of the organizations.
  • A single training course cannot transform systems, but systematically designed training programmes which consist of overlapping phases and both vertically and horizontally cover the whole organization, supplemented by relevant management coaching activities can create real added value, and significantly contribute to increasing the market success of the organization.
  • The efficiency of all skills and personality development efforts based on learning by experience can be significantly increased by coherent and closed, group targeted development processes where the different phases build on each other and are lead by the same consultants (as opposed to individual, isolated trainings).
  • Team building is not an independent development goal or focus – if competency development training programmes are based on appropriate diagnostics, are specifically tailored to the real needs of the organization and are delivered in a highly professional manner, they will inevitably result in the development of teams in addition to the development of competencies.
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of skills development projects cannot be directly measured in "raw" financial terms by using classical economic models. The achieved results are integrated "softly" into the more efficient operation of the employees and groups who participate in the development process, thus creating real added value for the organization and increasing profitability.
  • The time and funding invested in human resources development are recovered indirectly and abundantly in the long term.
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Training courses - maxmimum profit from optimum learning
Coaching - individual learning approach on an integral level
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