Our company consists of experts in diverse fields of knowledge and professional experience. Building our competence, we aim to provide „best-in-class” and effective training programs in the field of management development.

We believe that in addition to professional competence, our special human focus is indispensable for our business success. We also believe that in addition to their professional competence and experience the personality of managers is one of the key factors in effective leadership. We believe that self-reflection and self-knowledge are tools which are just as important for successful managers as their PDA.

In our work we take the whole organization as the starting point of our activities. Our training programmes are preceded by a thorough preparatory and diagnostics phase, which ensures that the stages of development build on each other, and are in line with the special characteristics of each organization.

Our trainings are always „customized”. The methodology, concept and topics of the trainings are tailored to the real needs of the organization and the group, which are identified during the preliminary diagnostics phase (management interviews, focus groups, consultations with the HR staff of the organization), thus the development efforts are focused on solving the concrete and actual problems of the organization and the participants.

EQ-Skill was the first company in Hungary to develop the foundations of Horse Mediated Training Programmes. Since then we have verified that this methodology can be indeed effectively used in the skills development of managers. In 2008 we obtained the international equestrian trainer licence (HorseDream®) and became a member of the European Association of Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE).

The analogy between horsemanship, horse-riding and the management of organizations and groups is a metaphor on which not only our horse-mediated training courses but all of  our programmes are based, as we use the very same approach in our "horse-free" development processes as well.

Our keywords are respect, cooperation, differentiated empathy, self-reflection and clear awareness, because these are the ideas that we convey with the assistance and in the catalysing presence of horses, complemented with the deepest and most personal experiences.

The horse and rider metaphor is the methodologically independent message of our work in the field of management skills development, as the horse is our unique, competitive and most effective (but not the only) methodological asset.

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