Preliminary information

Preliminary information

Support for programmes that educate and train to live a healthier life and have a healthier attitude (TÁMOP 6.1.2)

The most important elements of the programme
The scope of the activities that may be funded


Developing the way of living competences

  • team building
  • developing strategies for co-operation
  • developing communication competences
  • conflict management
  • developing problem solving skills
  • stress management
  • self-knowledge counselling for managers
  • developing creativity
  • developing emotional intelligence

Programmes, events and workshops for enhancing health at work

  • outdoor team building
  • thematic workshops
  • organisational sporting days
  • organisational health days

Possible clients

  • Micro, small and medium-sized companies
  • Non-profit institutes without and within the public finances

Amount of support:

  • Support intensity: 100 per cent
  • The amount of support is at least HUF 5 million but up to 400 million

Tender deadlines:

  • Preparation can be commenced right away
  • Submitting the tender application: 4th quarter of 2011 (expected deadline)
  • The programme may be started in the 1st quarter of 2012 if it is accepted
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