Outdoor conference

Outdoor conference

The conference provides a wide array of the tools, methods and opportunities for application in outdoor training as a genre.

We expect organisational developers, trainers, HR specialists, internal training and development managers who want to know more about the lege artis of outdoor training as a genre.
On the second day of the conference Gábor Suhai, the professional director of our firm is going to hold a lecture on the possibilities of horse-assisted self-knowledge trainings.

Extracts from the programme

The participants of the workshop can learn the basics of horses in ethology, in (organisational) psychology, in history of art and culture, whose rich texture will – hopefully – make it understandable how and why horses can play an important role in self-knowledge and in management trainings. I have learnt a lot from the always clear, exact and authentic feedback that I got from horses, which taught me lessons on respect, trust, co-operation and being conscious – this is what I can provide you with the help of the most profound and most personal experiences, which are catalysed by the presence of horses. This is why I work with the same attitude even in the 'horseless' development processes. This is why, although horses won't be present personally in the workshop, I guarantee their smell and thought generating impulses in return for some openness.

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