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SUHAI, Gábor

leadership development

I graduated as a psychologist in 2000. Since then I have been teaching at several Universities (ELTE, DE, SOTE) and working as a counsellor, coach and trainer. I qualified as a licensed trail guide in 2004, and as an international equine assisted leadership trainer and licensed partner of HorseDream in 2008 – completing and enriching my psychoterapeutic methodology toolbank (autogenic training, psychodrama, hypnosis, equine assisted psychotherapy, action learning). Later I continued my studies in psychology and in 2012 I graduated as a Specialist in Work and Organisational psychology.

As a coach and a trainer I integrate, confront, facilitate and give feedback – because I believe and experience that the only effective way of developing soft skills and leadership competences is through self-reflection and the self-developing processes which utilize all the knowledge and experience accumulated in the individual, in the group and in the organization.

My working methods are eclectic and result-oriented in cases of trainings as well as team or individual coaching. I choose the most adequate elements - concerning the client’s personality, the group's dynamics and motivation - from Action Learning, Horse Assisted Coaching, Psychodrama, Leadership conceptions and many others to approach and reach the objectives.

My personal and professional experience derives from the 12 years of work in classical psychotherapy, the knowledge I gained as a University researcher and the outcomes of experimental learning through creating and leading EQ-Skill.

My specific fields of interest are shaping up integrated L&D systems in organizations, self-reflection based leadership development  and tailor-made crisis management adjusted to the individual.

EQ Skill Bimbó út 5.
1022 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 950 6754
Equine Assisted Training Courses - inspiration, efficacy, integrity
Training courses - maxmimum profit from optimum learning
Coaching - individual learning approach on an integral level
EAHAE Conference 2017



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