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horse assisted education

After finishing my BA in Social Sciences (equal rights and social politics spec.) at Corvinus University of Budapest in 2011, I acquired my master’s degree in communication and media, specialized for communication planning at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. As a first step towards human development, I obtained an accredited coach qualification, than I finished a 190 hours soft skill development train the trainer seminar at Grow Group.

Beside my various studies the connection with horses has been my constant companion for the last 15+ years. After nearly a decade of competing, in 2011 I obtained professional trainer certification, since then I’ve been teaching the basics of horse riding and horse-man cooperation. During the time I've spent with horses and riders I've been able to observe and experience that working with horses goes far beyond learning the technical aspects of riding: it is an ongoing self-awareness process and improving by the honest and instinctive feedback that horses provide. That is why I consider my mission to help people to look into this mirror held by horses, but for this time "staying on the ground" during equine assisted training processes.

My experiences as an athlete, coach, journalist and communications specialist helps me analyze and solve the various upcoming proposals, challenges and problems sympathetically in my work as a junior consultant. Conscious integration of my diverse studies continually inspire me and establish that I not just happily explore the fields of human development, but likely support EQ Skill's marketing communication as well.

EQ Skill Bimbó út 5.
1022 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 950 6754
Equine Assisted Training Courses - inspiration, efficacy, integrity
Training courses - maxmimum profit from optimum learning
Coaching - individual learning approach on an integral level
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